EcoBalance 2022

Call for Abstracts

Notice: Additional abstract submission deadline is August 8, 2022

The organizing committee is pleased to invite authors to submit papers for EcoBalance 2022.

The theme of the conference is:

" Shifting Paradigms with Life Cycle Thinking "

Living within planetary boundaries is one of the ultimate goals towards sustainability. Diverse activities across the world in various fields: industry, policy, finance and science particularly, have been creating strong momentum towards carbon neutrality. We believe that life cycle thinking has the power to progress the required paradigm shifts by connecting such activities with a bird’s-eye view of the complex systems that contribute nature and human society. We would like to create opportunities to advance practice and science, and to connect participants and partner with them to promote the changes needed to ensure a bright future.

We welcome practical and theoretical contributions including applications, ideas, methods, indicators, databases and tools that aim to contribute to the achievement of sustainable society as their ultimate goal.

Abstract must be submitted in plain text and should not exceed 300 words. The abstract submission deadline is March 31, 2022 (JST) April 15, 2022 (JST). We are calling for abstracts for oral and poster presentations.

Additional submission of abstracts is available by August 8, 2022 only for poster (onsite) and oral (online video-on-demand) style presentations. We will notify the acceptance of submitted abstracts soon, and presenters of accepted abstracts should complete registration by August 15, 2022.

The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan (ILCAJ) offers scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to attend the EcoBalance 2022. For details of the student conference scholarship, please visit here.

We provide the opportunities of awards with the presenters at EcoBalance 2022. If you wish to apply for the awards, please visit here for the details and conditions of applications.

Featured topics

During the abstract submission process, you will be requested to select one of the following topics that is most relevant to your paper, if any.

  • Transition and innovation towards carbon neutrality
  • Commitment to the SDGs from science and practice
  • Value creation by sustainable management in business and policy
  • Digital transformation in sustainability management

Topics of interest

During the abstract submission process, you will also be requested to choose up to three of six topics that are relevant to your paper.

1. Energy, resource & waste management

  • Sustainable energy systems and technologies
  • Resource resilience/efficiency/criticality
  • 3R and waste management
  • Sustainable nutrient management
  • Industrial symbiosis

2. Community, education, and communication

  • Sustainable cities/communities
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Sustainable diets
  • Education for sustainable development (ESD)
  • Developing/emerging economies and international relations
  • Environmental labeling

3. Policy, market, and social systems

  • Circular economy
  • Paris Agreement
  • Sustainable finance, taxonomy, green bond, carbon pricing/tax
  • ESG investment, positive impact finance
  • Industry 4.0

4. Products, services, and business model innovation

  • Sustainable/Responsible consumption and production
  • Sharing/on-demand economy
  • Corporate value chain, supply chain management
  • Product service systems
  • Climate-smart systems
  • Remanufacturing
  • Green ICT/IoT

5. Applications, business practices, and emerging technologies

  • Sustainability assessment of products, services, and organizations
  • Scope 3, GHG accounting
  • Science Based Targets (SBTs)
  • Net zero emissions, carbon dioxide removal (CDR), carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage (CCUS)
  • Emerging technologies for sustainability
  • Chemical risk assessment/management

6. Methodologies for sustainability assessment

  • Indicators for sustainability assessment
  • Environmental footprint
  • Hotspot analysis
  • Environmentally extended input-output analysis
  • Databases, tools & software
  • Planetary boundaries, environmental carrying capacities
Abstracts Submission
Notice: Submission after July 4, 2022, can be accepted only for either of poster (onsite) or oral (online video-on-demand style) presentation. Please indicate your preference of poster (onsite) or oral (online video-on-demand) presentation when submitting an abstract.