EcoBalance 2022

Networking events

We are aiming to prepare a variety of opportunities for participants to communicate with each other across different research fields. We hope such opportunities will provide new ideas to you all, for future research and collaboration.

Date and Time: 31st Oct. (Mon) (after the last session of the day)
Place: Session rooms (up to five)
Some drinks and snacks will be prepared in the rooms.

Ecobalance Young Researchers’ Workshop

The Young Researchers’ Workshop (YR-WS) will take place on 31st October!
YR-WS gives participants a great opportunity for communication with other attendees in a non-formal situation.
We invite not only the young researchers but also everyone who feels young and those who want to connect with the young researchers.

We are planning the following events.

The lecture about a LCA accounting of firms

We are planning to invite a guest speaker from firms. Participants can receive meaningful lectures on practical LCA accounting of goods or services.
We believe this event will help understand the relationship between research fields and corporate applications.

Guest speaker
Coming soon.

Flash presentation competition

After the lecture, we are planning to hold a flash presentation competition.
Through this presentation, presenters can showcase and advertise themselves and their research to the participants!
The guidance and rules for this session is as follows.

  • The presenters have 2 slides. One is for the introduction of your character (It can be good to include some images showing your hobbies or favorites.), and the other is for the research introduction.
  • Animations are prohibited.
  • The presentations are a maximum of three minutes. After three minutes, the presenters cannot say any words.
  • The presenters can present whatever you want! (The outline of your research, the brief introduction of your findings, the ideas for the future research project, etc.)

The audiences will evaluate the presenters through the voting form which we will send to the participants.
We will prepare the prize for a winner!
If you want to apply to this event as a presenter, please inform us through the registration form.
We are waiting for many applications from young researchers!

Dinner party

In addition to the two networking events, we will host a dinner party!
We will prepare drinks, foods, and enjoyable events and we are waiting for you to join this party!
Through the communications in a non-formal atmosphere, you will be able to make friends and to expand your community.
This experience will make the conference enjoyful, meaningful, and it could be even the starting point for new research collaborations in the future!

Coming soon.

We will update the information of YR-WS as soon as the details of the events are decided.
YR-WS is open and free to all participants of EcoBalance.
If you want to join this event, we would appreciate it if you could fill out the registration form below.

Note: This event is open only for those who have completed the registration to EcoBalacne 2022. If you wish to register to this event, please make sure to complete your registration to EcoBalance 2022 ( in advance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (
We are looking forward to meeting you at YR-WS!