EcoBalance 2022

Networking events

We are aiming to prepare a variety of opportunities for participants to communicate with each other across different research fields. We hope such opportunities will provide new ideas to you all, for future research and collaboration.

Date and Time: 31st Oct. (Mon) (after the last session of the day)
Place: Session rooms (up to five)
Some drinks and snacks will be prepared in the rooms.

Ecobalance Young Researchers’ Workshop
(31st October, 5:40pm~7:20pm)

The Young Researchers’ Workshop (YR-WS) will take place on 31st October!
YR-WS gives participants a great opportunity for communication with other attendees in an informal situation.
We invite not only young researchers but anyone who feels young and those who want to connect with the young researchers.

The YR-WS includes the following events.

A lecture about LCA accounting by firms (5:40pm~6:20pm)

In this event, we will hold the lecture on practical LCA accounting of goods or services in the real world.
We invited a special guest speaker, Professor Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner from Technical University Berlin!
Let us introduce his background and lecture information!

Guest speaker

Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner
Professor Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner

Professor Dr. Matthias Finkbeiner is currently Chair of Sustainable Engineering and Managing Director of the Department of Environmental Technology at Technical University Berlin working in the fields of carbon footprint, climate neutrality, water footprint, life cycle assessment, resource efficiency, social and organisational LCA. He is Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment published by SpringerNature. He was Chair of the ISO committee of Life Cycle Assessment for nine years and member of the International Life Cycle Board of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative. He served on the supervisory boards of the German Ecolabel Blue Angel as well as for the EPD programme of the German Institute IBU. He is Chair of the Planning Committee of the International Life Cycle Management Conference Series.

Earlier in his career, he was Manager for Life Cycle Engineering at the Design-for-Environment Department for Mercedes-Benz Cars. He has a multidisciplinary background of environmental science, environmental law and an MBA in sustainability management.

The lecture title:
Life Cycle Assessment in the real world – examples from the automotive industry

Life Cycle Assessment is not only a scientific tool, it has achieved relevance in real world decision making in private and public organizations. When it comes to primary data use along the supply chains and technical details of the LCA models, the quality of the LCA studies in practice is sometimes significantly larger than the average case study published in the scientific domain. The lecture tries to share some insights into LCA in the real world with examples from the automotive industry. The automotive industry has been an early adopter and frontrunner of LCA development. Leaders in the industry apply LCA in semi-automated tools for decision making on the complete car level, but also for parts and processes. It is applied on a strategic level (e.g. future powertrains, mobility concepts) and operational level (e.g. LCA as standard target in the development process, material decisions for parts). They use LCA approaches also in other contexts like Organizational LCA, Life Cycle Costing and Social Life Cycle Assessment.

We believe this event will help understand the relationship between your research fields and actual applications.
We hope that many young researchers will attend this meaningful and insightful event!

Flash presentation competition (6:25pm~7:20pm)

After the lecture, we will hold a flash presentation competition.
Through this presentation, presenters can showcase and advertise themselves and their research to the participants!
The guidance and rules for this session are as follows.

  • Presenters have only 1 slide.
  • Presentations are a maximum of two minutes. (strictly enforced)
  • You can present whatever you want! (Self-introduction, an outline of your research, a brief introduction of your findings, ideas for your future research projects, etc.)

The audience will evaluate the presenters through a voting form which we will send to the participants.
We will prepare a prize for the winner!
Thankfully, we have received much more applications than we expected!
We have more than 15 presentations in this session!
Thank you for many applications from you!

Dinner party (7:30pm~9:30pm)

In addition to the two networking events, we will host a dinner party!
We decided on the conference site as the hosting place, so you can join the party easily and smoothly after the YR-WS events!
We will prepare drinks (including alcohol drinks), food (including vegetarian menu), and enjoyable events and are looking forward to you joining this party!
Through the communication in a non-formal atmosphere, you will be able to make friends and to expand your community.
This experience will make the conference enjoyable, meaningful, and could even be the starting point for new research collaborations in the future!

Fukuoka International Congress Center (the conference site).

If you want to join this event, you have to fill out the registration form below by October 20.

Note: We already have received many registrations for the party. Please note that we have a maximum limit of the participants for the party. So the registration might be closed before October 20 if the number of the registrations exceeds the available slots.

We will update the information of YR-WS as soon as the details of the events are decided.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us (
We are looking forward to meeting you at YR-WS!